Monday, February 21, 2011


Feeling blessed today....

Christian has had strep throat and a fever virus together all week. He has been kept in our room all week alone (Caroline said "He is like Rapunzel") I felt a little tired and frustrated and sad for him when I thought (or God slapped me in the face) with...I am so blessed that he is even upstairs for me to go up to for the 10th time to take his temperature!! We could be at Vanderbilt in the cancer center or in a bed with a coma or a million other worse things so get over it and be so thankful for what you have, JUST STREP THROAT!!!! Thank you Lord for the slap and for my precious first baby boy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Too long again!! has it been 5 months!! I said I wanted to do this and I am pretty bad at it! My friends have these amazing blogs that make me laugh and cry and I really want to try so here I go again.

At the moment Christian is battling strep throat plus maybe the flu...he has been at 103 to 104 all weekend. Caroline is days away from being a 5 year old which I can hardly believe and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum figured out how to take off their pj's in bed which makes us come in to see them which makes them laugh hysterically!

Just to get up to date I am picking one pic of each of them to give our current status which WILL BE BETTER UPDATED from now on!

We have had LOTS AND LOTS of snow this winter and Christian has loved it!! My fave memory is when we had a little friend of Caroline's over and he and Christian were not done in the snow when Caroline was so as they walked back out to the sled hill Christian asked him "You still go to Mustard Seed??" When the child replied "YES" Christian, confident that this child had a good grasp on creation, said "Bud, we are going back into God's creation"! Thank you Mustard Seed Preschool!!!

All Caroline wanted for her birthday was to start gymnastics (pronounced gynastics to her)! I took her for a free trial lesson and she ate it up. Not only was it picture day, which she posed perfectly for, but she loved each exercise so much and did great! PLUS the outfits are really sparkly which is always an incentive!

Benjamin and Peyton still LOVE outside and have learned many more new words to add to "shoes" which was their plea to be let out! Car, Milk, Truck, JJ, Papai, Mimi (all mastered while we were in hawaii) bird, dog, baby......they are crazy little guys but we love them!

OK...never will I go this long again and I hope maybe by tomorrow I will figure out what antibiotic will work for Christian (he came down mid post and his throat looks 10 times worse than the day we started the z-pac)!!! Ahhh life as a mom!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

wow almost a year

OK...I have no pictures or great stories but I REALLY want to start blogging again...for myself....where has the year gone?

Christian is in first grade and loving it, he is growing so much. Caroline is at "Christian's school" in Pre-K and is doing well.

The babies are home with me and into EVERYTHING!!! They need to walk but I think are just so content to crawl they do not want to!

Too much has happened in the year to wite about but with 2 out of 4 kids gone at school I want to blog so I can remember these days as they go by way too fast!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wes got the job...Praise the Lord!

After months and months and months of interviews and flights and tests Wes, well God, gave Wes a new job. He will be working for Stryker Orthopaedics. Be careful if you need shoulder or knee surgery, Wes may be in the operating room!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gentry's Farm 2009

As a tradition we always got to Gentry's Farm during October. This year we again got to go with Christian's school which is so nice. We played in the corn mazes, went on a hayride, went swinging on tire much fun! We even got to see a baby cow that had just been born! I always make the kids take a picture at the wagon in the front. It is so fun to see how they grow every year!

My cute Baby Boys!

Just pictures of the cutest twins on the block...and there are other twins down the street:-)